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Emergency Supplies, Storage Solutions & Cookbooks

Category includes emergency supplies, storage solutions and cookbooks. See individual categories below for quick access.

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  1. 36 hour survival candle w/matches

    36 hour Survival Candle w/matches - X028

    Candle will burn up to 36 hours. Learn More
  2. Alpaca 7 wick replacement

    Alpaca 7 wick Replacement - X036

    Great to have extras of this wick for your cook stove. Perfect for survival, emergency needs and cold winters. Learn More
  3. alpaca kerosene cook stove

    Alpaca Kerosene Cook Stove w/wick - X035

    >This compact cooker lasts 16 hours and produces 8500 BTUs of heat. Uses 9/10 gallon of fuel. Includes one wick. Great for emergencies, camping, hunting and fishing or as an extra stove for canning. Not recommended for indoor use.  Includes a wick value $8.75.   Weighs approximately 15 pounds. A great addition to include in your emergency preparedness supplies

    Learn More

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  4. bag balm

    Bag Balm - AA07

    Vermont original in a 10 oz. square tin can. Learn More
  5. camp chef stryker stove

    Camp Chef Stryker Stove - X037

    This compact cooking system includes a folding tank stabilizer, an adjustable single burner stove, 1.3 liter anodized aluminum pot with insulated sleeve and a mesh carry bag. It is great for emergency kits or to keep on hand with your food storage supply.

    This stove runs on 1 lb LPG propane fuel and will boil .5 liter of water in 2 minutes. The heat ring technology increases efficiency by 30%, reducing fuel consumption. The insulated sleeve keeps contents warm while providing a comfortable grip. It has a matchless ignition and added wind protection. The folding tank stabilizer keeps it stable when in use and folds easily for compact storage. The stove is made of lightweight, hard anodized aluminum and has a one year warranty.

    Learn More
  6. #10 can w/metal lid

    Can w/Metal Lid - #10 can - P121

    A #10 (gallon) size welded steel can with ends.

    For UPS shipping only: These cans are very fragile to ship and must ship in individual boxes (6 per box). Shipping costs may need to be adjusted to account for the number of packages. Due to the fragile nature of the empty cans and the difficulty of shipping them without damage occuring during the transit time, we are unable to guarantee these items will arrive without damage. No replacements will be made if the cans arrive damaged.

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  7. pallet of #10 cans w/metal lids

    Can w/Metal Lid - #10 can - pallet of 476 cans - P043

    A pallet of  #10 (gallon) size welded steel can with ends.

    *Cannot be shipped by UPS ground -  requires freight quote

    Learn More
  8. Clear poly bags

    Clear Poly Bags - F021 - 13.5"x5.25"x34"

    13.5"x5.25"x34" clear poly bags that is FDA approved food grade. Learn More
  9. clear poly bag

    Clear Poly Bags - F022 - 11"x4"x27"

    11"x4"27" clear poly bags that is FDA approve food grade. Learn More
  10. cookin with potatoes

    Cookin' with Potatoes - Q033

    dehydrated potato recipes Learn More
  11. cookin' with powdered milk

    Cookin' with Powdered Milk - Q034

    powdered milk recipes Learn More
  12. Chef Brad - Whole Grain Comfort Foods

    Cooking with Chef Brad-Whole Grain Comfort Foods - X047

    We are now offering this book with great recipes from Chef Brad to help you keep eating those healthy grains in your food storage and still enjoy those special treats! Learn More
  13. country bean cookbook

    Country Bean Cookbook - X031

    Fat-Free and GOOD for recipes made with bean, pea and lentil flours. Learn More
  14. Deluxe 2 person 72-hour emergency kit

    Deluxe 2 Person 72-Hour Emergency Kit - S005

    This deluxe 72-hour emergency kit is designed for two people. It will supply all the equipment and meals needed for self reliance for 72 hours.   Privacy, comfort and food storage all in one light pack.   Secure emergency preparedness!

    Learn More
  15. Deluxe lid remover

    Deluxe Lid Remover & Bung Nut Wrench - N003

    Made of aluminum alloy to last. Learn More
  16. dinner is in the jar

    Dinner is in the Jar - Q061

    meal storage recipes Learn More

Items 1 to 16 of 61 total

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