Bosch Slicer - Shredder - H031

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The Bosch Slicer/Shredder processes foods as you feed them down its chute. It includes three disks: • Shredding/Grating (reversible coarse & fine) • Slicing (reversible thick & thin) • French Fry The Slicer Shredder fits on the Universal's low speed drive (where the large mixing bowl mounts), and has a twelve cup capacity. The Slicer/Shredder is a one-pass machine (no bottom blade), so it maintains uniform product size no matter how long you run it.

Reversible slicing disk (thick and thin), reversible shredding disc (coarse + fine) and french fries disc Stainless steel discs Transparent lid and pusher Cuts produce, cheese, etc., directly into 12 cup capacity bowl. Included are 3 disks with the option of adding more for increased versatility.