New Cooking with Home Storage - Q031

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This book contains over 700 recipes, many of them going back to pioneer times. There is also a generous complement of new recipes. In addition, the author gives numerous helpful old time hints and furnishes many tips on the use and storage of modern foods.
A huge number of these recipes come from people who have already had to survive hard times and know how to do it. 

This book contains a variety of recipes that cover everything from drinks to desserts. Some of the recipes in this book date back to when the early settlers arrived in parts of  Southern Utah. It is a great resource for information about how to make whole natural foods that are not stuffed with preservatives. It also contains sections on sprouting seeds, making cheese, homemade remedies, survival tips, and working with wild game. With preparedness tips and many other helpful hints, this book is a must for anyone interested in preparedness, survival tips, and great recipes. This would make a great resource to have with your emergency food storage.