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About Us

 Walton Feed has been in business for over 50 years. Walton Feed has been known throughout the United States and abroad for its certified high protein wheat. Rainy Day Foods, a division of Walton Feed, has now become known for providing dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage as well. Walton Feed continues to research and experiment with the technology needed to improve short and long-term storage and preservation. We at Walton Feed / Rainy Day Foods are committed to offering our customers the highest quality of edible grains, dehydrated imitation meats, vegetables, fruits and freeze dried products available as well as items used for storing these products and other emergency supplies. Whether you are looking for food products for meals that can be prepared quickly and easily or you prefer to prepare your meals from scratch using your favorite basic ingredients, Walton Feed can fill your needs.

Walton Feed Inc. is a privately owned corporation with its main office and store located in Montpelier, Idaho. In addition to home food storage sold under the Rainy Day Foods label, Walton Feed also sells animal feed and farming and ranching supplies. Walton Feed has an additional facility located in Cache Junction, Utah, known as Walton Feed West, that specializes in animal feed and mineral blocks.