Rainy Day Foods sincerely wants your family to succeed in the food storage realm. Always be ready and prepared to take whatever a rainy day throws your way.

Why Rainy Day Foods?

All of our customers are important to us, and we value their time and business by providing friendly customer service to each individual. We strive to address any requests, concerns, or problems quickly and efficiently. We believe in personal service, and all telephone calls during business hours will be answered by one of our employees, not an automated answering system. With over 250 different products, Rainy Day Foods carries one of the largest varieties of home food storage products with the best quality and market value. We also carry a variety of emergency supplies. Food storage can be purchased in a variety of packaging; such as mylar bags, #10 and #2.5 cans, and plastic buckets. Most of our food products can also be purchased in bulk packages that you can repackage yourself for long-term storage. Rainy Day Foods uses a variety of shipping methods to provide the least expensive shipping cost possible for our customers. Your order can be shipped by UPS ground, Federal Express, U.S. mail, LTL freight shipping, and larger truck shipping for qualifying orders. Please contact us with any questions regarding our products or our shipping methods at our email or you may call (208) 847-3357.