Coghlan's Water Purification Tablets - N013

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Water.  It is essential for life and yet we are all guilty of not thinking of the one thing that you can not go with out.  Water purification tablets are a must have for your emergency needs.  These tablets are great for campers and back packers, and hunters.  These are essential for survival. 

You never know if you are going to have a situation when your city's water supply is either contaminated or off due to a natural disaster.  You will want to have these tablets in your supply to have the water that you need to eat and drink with. 

Tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed, they make most water bacteria-suitable for drinking. To be used only when water is suspected or known to be substandard. For short term or limited emergency use only. Not to be used on a continuous basis.  Treats up to 25 quarts.  Recommended use: 2 tablets per 1 quart of water. Keep some with your emergency preparedness supplies.


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• Easy to use. No unpleasant taste
• Iodine-based compound (no chlorine)