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Country Living Hand Mill
    The Country Living Mill is solid I-beam construction from cast aircraft aluminum, double industrial sealed bearings, stainless steel shaft, and carbon steel grinding plates come together to make a rugged and durable mill, which is backed with a lifetime warranty.    Each mill, before leaving the factory, is tested by grinding some wheat to ensure that it is functioning properly.  If you are gluten intolerant you would need to request a different grain in testing. This mill is designed to last for many lifetimes.  Now a fine hand mill that can actually out grind many of the electric mills by 10 to 15% and then out grind ALL electric mills by 100% when it really counts! The Country Living Mill will grind virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas, amaranth, etc. It was designed to be quickly and simply motorized - no adapter kit necessary. (All information taken from the manufacturer’s pamphlet.)  
  • V-Groove wheel for quick and easy conversion to electric motor.
  • Cast iron flywheel for easy turning and smooth flow of flour.
  • Large hopper holds 2 lb. of wheat.
  • Easy Dial - Self Locking Adjustment.
  • Double sealed industrial ball bearings.
  • Hand cast solid aluminum body.
  • 30% less torque or energy required to turn than any comparable hand mill on the market.
This grain mill is designed to be easily motorized. The fly wheel is grooved for use with a standard V Belt. We recommend using at least a 1/3 HP motor rated at 1150 RPM and equipped with a 1 1/2" pulley. This ratio will produce about 115 to 120 RPM at the flywheel. Other motors may be used, but they will need to be geared so that the RPM at the flywheel does not exceed 120 RPM. The motor and the mill should be securely fastened to a substantial surface. The mill handle must be removed before motorized operation. Never allow the mill to operate without grain being processed!!! Belt size may be determined by the distance the motor is mounted from the mill. Belt tension should not be excessive or bearing damage may occur. Country Living Products warrants this mill to be free from defects in material and workmanship under NORMAL USE and conditions for a period of twenty (20) years which includes all parts, excluding the finish. The grinding plates are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. This warranty is voided during this period if the mill is motorized, used other than recommended or for commercial use.  Bean and Corn Auger
The auger that comes with the Country Living Mill resembles a large spring around the grinder drive shaft in the feed housing. This auger produces a minimum amount of drag on the crank wheel and is enough to move small seeds such as wheat through the feed chamber to the grinding plates or burrs. As the burrs themselves are designed for small seeds, the small grain auger that comes with the grinder doesn't adequately move large seeds through the mill in an efficient manner. For those of you who wish to grind larger seeds such as beans and corn, you'll need the larger auger designed for this purpose. [caption id="attachment_174" align="alignright" width="124"] Corn and bean auger[/caption]
Courseness knob
  To install the Bean and Corn Auger, remove the threaded coarseness adjustment knob by turning it counter-clockwise until it turns off the shaft. Slide the rotating burr off the shaft then remove the drive key from the groove in the shaft. Now slide out the grain auger spring. The Bean and Corn Auger comes with a spring that resembles the grain auger spring but is only half as long (not shown). After sliding the grain auger spring off the shaft, slide the Bean and Corn Auger spring on the shaft. Place one of the two drive keys into the groove of the shaft and slide it inside the feed housing until it contacts the spring. Slide the Bean and Corn Auger over the drive shaft, recessed end first, over the top of the spring. Ensure the auger's key way slides over the top of the just installed drive key. This locks the drive shaft to the auger, insuring they rotate together. Install a second key in the groove of the drive shaft and slide it down to the auger. Now, reinstall the rotating burr, insuring the key slides into the key way of the burr. Lastly, install the washers and the threaded adjustment nut. All of this takes maybe 2 minutes and is really a simple operation. When grinding large seeds, you may first try increasing the gap between the burrs so there is as much as 1/8 inch gap between the plates. This will grind the beans into chunks. Then put these chunks through the grinder a second time with your burrs set to a fine setting. This will give you a nice, fine flour.