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Meal kits of all shapes and sizes have enjoyed a considerable surge in popularity over recent years. In fact, they were considered to be one of the hottest meal trends of 2020, according to Forbes. Apart from the obvious convenience offered, they are also helping to address the nation's food wastage problem. Although the ever-increasing selection available on the market caters to just about every dietary need and personal preference imaginable, even the most delicious portion of food can often benefit from a carefully selected accompaniment. Dehydrated foods are often a top choice, as there is a myriad of options available that sport an exceptionally long shelf-life.

Bacon bits add a wealth of flavor

There are a number of ways to identify a quality meal kit. Apart from the food being in recyclable packaging, quality meal kits are also known to be full of flavor. There is, however, no reason why you can’t enhance the flavor profile of your favorite dishes even more with the addition of smoky imitation bacon bits. This may be particularly appealing if you're opting for a plant-based meal - one offering delivery companies are stocking in their efforts to become more sustainable. Whether you're enjoying a ready-made salad or a hearty casserole, a sprinkling of bacon bits promises to be the perfect accompaniment. The best thing about imitation bacon bits, apart from the fact that they can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians, is their high protein content. Even if you aren’t a fan of bacon, don’t despair. You can add heaps of flavor to your favorite ready meals with beef, chicken, sausage, and even taco-flavored bits.

Basmati rice is a versatile accompaniment

Thai dishes, stews and curries count among the most popular meal kit offerings at present. Although many options will include a side of rice, you may find yourself responsible for acquiring your own accompaniment. Cue basmati rice, aromatic longer-grain rice that can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes. Whether you're indulging in a flavorsome coconut-lime chicken curry soup, a bowl of spicy mango scallops, or a generous serving of oxtail hotpot, basmati rice is the perfect addition to any meal. Basmati rice has an extensive shelf life, and can also be cooked, portioned and stored in the freezer for future use.

Everything's better with extra cheese

Mexican meal kits have been a hot favorite among time-strapped consumers. Although dishes such as beef or chicken burritos, chilli bean bowls, enchiladas, and other Mexican favorites are known to be filled to the brim with quality ingredients and heaps of flavor, everything tastes better with extra cheese on it. Dehydrated nacho cheese is easy to whip up, and can add a new dimension to an already scrumptious meal. Nacho cheese isn’t just great with Mexican food, however. You can also add a few dollops to your favorite stew, spoon it over a ready-made pasta dish, or stir it into a portion of mashed potatoes for a dreamy, cheesy side.

Dehydrated foods are often the perfect accompaniment to an almost infinite range of meal kits. Whether you make an entire side dish or just add a burst of flavor to an otherwise perfect meal, you're bound to find a way to give your ready-made meal an added boost.