LOCKDOWN BUCKET FLYER The lockdown bucket provides basic toiletry and sanitation essentials meant for use in emergency situations such as a building lockdown. In the event of a lockdown, the tarp could be used underneath the bucket or hung around the bucket to provide privacy. This kit is packaged inside a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a snap-on toilet lid and contains these items: 2 sanitation/toilet bags, 1 toilet chemical pouch (freshener), 1 toilet paper roll, antiseptic wipes (individually packaged), 2 pairs of nitrile, non-latex gloves, duct tape, 2 glow sticks, 2 emergency blankets,1 tarp and instruction card. There is room inside the bucket to add additional items if desired. These buckets have a weight limit of 250 pounds. This is great for schools, offices, camping, road trips, power outages and severe weather. A necessary item to include in your emergency supplies for taking care of the bare necessities when in desperate situations. Get yours today!