Camping is by far one of the most popular past time in America as more than 40 million people are reported to camp at least once a year. Any ardent camper will tell you that, apart from a great camping spot and good company, the food you make is one of the most important contributors towards an overall enjoyable experience. While hot dogs and s’mores will indefinitely remain campfire-favorites, it is becoming increasingly easier to enjoy a delicious variety of food while out camping. The following are easy food hacks that will make your next camping trip fit for even the most discerning of foodies.

Have your cake and eat it

Technically this hack results in muffins but the Rainy Day Foods muffin mixes are so scrumptious that they can compete with the best cakes out there. Pack a few boxes of batter mix (all you need to do is add water) together with a pocket of oranges the next time you go camping. Cut the oranges in half and scoop out the flesh (don’t throw it away as you can use it in a fruit salad). Pour the muffin batter into the peels and bake on a grill over your campfire. The hardest thing about camp-side muffins is deciding what flavor to make first as the range includes delectable flavors such as blueberry, banana, and bran.

A taste of Mexico

Americans love Mexican food almost as much as they love camping. While tacos have been a camping favorite for some time already, enchiladas are fast gaining popularity. The Rainy Day Foods make it extremely easy to make enchiladas while camping thanks to their Boneless Chicken and Enchilada or Burrito Sauce Mix. You can make your enchiladas in a Dutch oven or any large enough skillet with a lid. If you don’t have a lid you can easily fashion one from foil, securely wrapping it over the top. This one-dish delight will undoubtedly change the way you perceive camp food forever.

End your evenings with a warm drink

Nothing beats sitting under a canopy of stars, sipping on a hot drink by the campfire. The possibilities of drinks are almost endless, ranging from hot cider and Irish coffee to mulled wine, hot buttered rum and an old-time favorite – hot cocoa. The Rainy Days Foods hot cocoa blend is perfect for a chilly night and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. You can even add a drop of whiskey or brandy to it for a delicious hot beverage with a kick. If you plan on making hot buttered rum remember to buy unsalted butter as the salted variety does not complement the other ingredients as well.

Camp food innovations such as those above have made going camping a lot more appealing to individuals who generally prefer the comforts of home. Thanks to modern-day gadgets and quality ingredients paired with your own creativity, you can practically make any of your favorite dishes outdoors. Don’t be afraid to experiment, with just a bit of effort you could soon be the new masterchef amongst your group of camp-loving family and friends.

Article contributed by Jennifer Dawson