[caption id="attachment_2758" align="alignleft" width="100"]water filter system water filter system[/caption] As I promised, I had one more list from the preparedness meeting I attended to share with you. This contains the top 10 other items you should store. Once again I would suggest you look it over and consider what items you need to add to your personal storage program.   1. First aid kit and hygiene products. Some of these will be different from family to family but they are essential to survival. There are great pre-assembled kits available or you can put your own together. Hygiene products will be very important in an emergency. 2. Other forms of communication such as 2 way radios, HAM radio, short wave radio. Consider what will work best for your situation and budget. 3. Water filtration and purification. Water is essential so you will need to have ways to filter and purify it. If you have to leave your home, you will need a filter or purification tablets. 4. Extra RX medications as needed. This may be difficult to acquire, but if you can, you should get 3-6 months of your prescription medications. It is a scary thought for those who depend on their meds for survival. 5. Clothing. You will want to have cold weather clothes, work gloves, boots, etc. 6. A back up source of heat for your home and extra fuel. No one wants to be cold. 7. Gasoline or diesel fuel stored in cans. There are lots of things that run on fuel and it may be difficult to obtain. 8. Tools. Basic hand tools will have multiple uses. You should also consider tools for automotive repair. 9. Written materials, books, and manuals for emergency situations. Since we haven’t experienced a lot of these things, we may need to study and learn how to do some very basic things. 10. All important documents. Deeds, insurance, passports, birth certificates, medical and church records should be copied in print. Each of these should also be copied on a CD, DVD, or Flash Drive. I hope these lists have been helpful and have given you some ideas where you can improve your preparedness. If you have other ideas, I would love to hear from you. Contributed by Pam Higley Share