[caption id="attachment_949" align="alignright" width="164"] Hot Cocoa Drink[/caption] Watched the rain clouds turn to snow clouds here in Idaho. As I walked around the yard clearing limbs from the recent winds, feeling the nip in the air then watching the first snow of the winter season falling in the early hours this morning, I realized the comfort of hot cocoa and a big slab of homemade wheat bread was mine for breakfast. You can have that same comfort with our 'got to have a second cup' cans of cocoa G059 or J005 (yes...it's that GOOD!) as well as quickly mixing up our fast, easy, delicious and Hearty Wheat bread K130. There is such a security looking out at my recently plowed up garden spot that has been prepared for winter. The wood pile is large and ready for winter warmth. Pantry and freezer are filled with food to sustain and share. All is well. Grateful for security.