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A great variety of books by authors who know a lot about home storage and cooking with stored foods.

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  1. cookin with potatoes

    Cookin' with Potatoes - Q033

    dehydrated potato recipes Learn More
  2. cookin' with powdered milk

    Cookin' with Powdered Milk - Q034

    powdered milk recipes Learn More
  3. Chef Brad - Whole Grain Comfort Foods

    Cooking with Chef Brad-Whole Grain Comfort Foods - X047

    We are now offering this book with great recipes from Chef Brad to help you keep eating those healthy grains in your food storage and still enjoy those special treats! Learn More
  4. country bean cookbook

    Country Bean Cookbook - X031

    Fat-Free and GOOD for recipes made with bean, pea and lentil flours. Learn More
  5. dinner is in the jar

    Dinner is in the Jar - Q061

    meal storage recipes Learn More
  6. eating off the grid cookbook

    Eating Off the Grid Cookbook - Q037

    food storage suggestions Learn More

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  7. emergency food in a nutshell

    Emergency Food in a Nutshell - Q058

    food storage suggestions Learn More
  8. emergency food storage and survival handbook

    Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook - Q036

    food storage and emergency preparedness Learn More
  9. grandmas modern inflation fighters

    Grandma's Modern Inflation Fighters - Q060

    inexpensive recipe ideas Learn More
  10. herbs to the rescue

    Herbs to the Rescue - X023

    herbal remedies and first aid information Learn More
  11. Instant delite clear gel book

    Instant Delite Clear Gel Book - X038

    Recipes for the use of Instant Clear Jel Learn More
  12. made simple

    Made Simple - Q059

    Recipes for using food storage. Learn More
  13. marlenes magic cookbook

    Marlene's Magic Cookbook - Q030

    A resource for recipes to make with your food storage. Learn More
  14. mix a meal cookbook

    Mix A Meal Cookbook - Q039

    This little book has cut all the fluff and left only the 'meat.' Even though it's small, you could eat from the recipes in this book all month long and not eat the same thing twice. Its premise is you make 24 mixes and from these mixes you can make 148 great tasting dishes. Learn More
  15. natural meals in minutes

    Natural Meals in Minutes Cookbook - X039

    Revolutionary new ideas for fast, nutritious meals...guaranteed to change the way you use high-fiber, cholesterol-free GRAINS, LEGUMES, and VEGETABLES. Learn More
  16. New Cooking With Home Storage

    New Cooking with Home Storage - Q031

    This book contains over 700 recipes, many of them going back to pioneer times. There is also a generous complement of new recipes. In addition, the author gives numerous helpful old time hints and furnishes many tips on the use and storage of modern foods.
    A huge number of these recipes come from people who have already had to survive hard times and know how to do it. 

    Learn More

Items 1 to 16 of 20 total

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