Contributed by RL [caption id="attachment_2990" align="alignleft" width="300"] 2 person 72 hour kit[/caption] As I was out running the other morning with the moon hiding behind the inbound clouds, the air was crisp and the road crunching loudly under my feet, life is good. Suddenly the cry of a dog that was out scouting the area for adventure, who was scared into alertness at the sound of my running, went through my whole being as he broke the silence. He was close but out of sight in the darkness then the dog started to parallel my run from the field of snow, which had crusted over from the rays of sun from the previous day, continuing his or her quest of letting the world know I was an annoying interloper that was wrecking the field trip into the unknown. It was kind of creepy having a dog run just out of sight in the dark barking away. But as we drew nearer to his home he broke off the chase and I am assuming headed to the warmth of his lair as the coming storm started to make its coming known. As I made the turn for that return run to the house the wind was picking up and I could definitely feel the temperature start to drop. I began to think of a book I had recently read by Jack London called “The Call of the Wild”.  The book, which of all things, is about a dog that is kidnapped and taken to Alaska where the dog begins to sense the call of the wild and from inside his very core begins to wonder what’s out there.  ( I am assuming that that is why the dog that morning was out in the field looking to see, what is out there. From my vantage point the only thing I could see in the field was white snow but maybe for him? Each of us has that longing to see what is out there. That’s why we take trips, go to school, study maps and internet, just in hopes we may see something that will satisfy that craving to find what is out there. Of course each of us is different and looks for different things in life and that is what makes the world go round making it interesting. So while we are eating our breakfast this morning, whether it is oatmeal, pancakes (my wife likes to have her pancakes covered in fruit and whipped topping), waffles, eggs, French toast covered in powdered sugar, smoothie or just plain cold cereal this is the perfect time for us to wonder what is out there. Of course planning is key to our little adventure which could happen as often as we like or just on a weekend now and then because we have other commitments like work that need to be fulfilled. Work is good because it gives us the means to take these little adventures into the unknown, whether it will be to the big city, ocean, mountain or theme park. ( Of course it could just be winter that is making us dream of being off on an adventure to a different world not to mention this below zero stuff. Or maybe it is the wish to break from our everyday routines for just a few days to get a better perspective on life by refreshing our lives to make us better at what we do. ( And as always we need to check out our emergency gear before we abound on our little adventure. You know the things like 72- hour kits and if they are up to date. With these storms that are hitting this winter they would be handy to have in each of our homes not to mention in our vehicles at all times just in case we get stuck in those snow drifts or happen to slide off the road.  Just like around here if we get stuck it could be a wait until we get out or get help and with extreme cold we need to be prepared with hand warmers and emergency heating for both home and car along with some blankets. I know that the police and search and rescue would feel a lot better when they know that someone has prepared themselves for their trip especially now that winter has set in and there is deep snow and the possibility of avalanches across road ways. But no matter what time of the year it is we should be prepared when we head out the door into the unknown. Even the police who recommend not traveling during these severe storms because the plows cannot keep up with the snow fall and the cars sliding off slick roads, would like us prepared for those just in case situations. ( So if that “call of the wild” has hit you and you feel that urge to venture to the beach, to go on an ocean cruise, or drift lazily in a hot air balloon ( or perhaps taking that snow machine for a winter tour of the mountains or just plain going for a hot tub night,  February could be the best month to plan an activity and take our thoughts off the today so we can have a great time for our tomorrow. ‘Till next time RL