Contributed by RL

As I look out the window I watch as these little rain drops ripple in the puddles just outside. In the gloom of damp which engulfs us today I am drawn back to when the grandchildren were visiting last week. A grand time was had by all in this transition time of winter to spring. Snow to rain to warm green lawns and flowers.

The young ones of course loved their visit. They were able to run through canyons deep and explore mysterious caverns while searching for lost treasures and eat to their hearts content. Needless to say Grandmother spoiled them. (

One thing about a day like today is that it is a good soup day, if you prefer, a three alarm chili ( day. Yes sir they take the chill right out of the air. Fortunately Rainy Day Foods has all the makings that we will ever need to make either of these from scratch or they even have a few soup mixes all ready to go if you would prefer to just add water, when the little explorers show up and need to have their batteries recharged.

One uses a lot of energy and builds a large appetite while running through canyons even if the canyon is through the house from one end to the other. There are lots of things that the children have to miss on this run, like the kitchen table and the furniture in the living room. Oh and don't forget about those toys strategically placed to slow them down. All this because it was raining while they were visiting.

Of course they did break out a couple of times to play in the mud and climb to the top of the piled up snow on the side of the road. For some unknown reason climbing to the top of the snow pile is extremely interesting and challenging for these little whippersnappers. Even when it is raining they attempt to climb to the top of the snow pile. And yes they got wet and cold and came running back into the house to get warm laughing and giggling the whole time. They had so much fun that one of them even lost a shoe in the snow pile. And Grandfather was given the job to go and find. So with shovel in hand he ventured out to the snow pile to find the shoe since it was buried somewhere in that pile. Of course the directions to its location was a great help. The child in question standing at the door of the house pointed to the snow pile and said some where by the fence in that direction. Twenty minutes later and after moving what felt like a third of the snow pile, the shoe is rescued. We can't have barefoot children running around now can we. (

Once warmed and dry the children of course grew restless once more. But it was dinner time and spaghetti awaited them in abundance along with garlic bread. Grandmother just beamed when they consumed every bit of the spaghetti. Did I see one of the little ones licking the pan?

It is hard to remember how much these growing children can eat when you have not had any in your home for awhile. We are glad that we have that spaghetti from Rainy Day Foods to keep that large crew fed. Rainy Day Foods certainly has a great variety of home storage items for everyday use and for long term storage. In fact they even have their 20 lb box of whole wheat spaghetti on special right now along with their number 10 cans. The whole wheat spaghetti has a great flavor that will tingle any taste bud in the family. Check out all their sales online at

You will at least be ready for that invasion of little ones as you stock up on food supplies. The good thing about that is you will also be ready for any disruption due to storm, power outage, gas shortage or earthquakes, hopefully any disaster that will come along. Being prepared does bring a peace of mind. (

As the grandchildren stand at the starting point in the house holding their empty buckets in nervous excitement. The grownups who have come to watch the fun all look on as the word is given to find the hidden treasures. It's not gold or silver nor is it even jewels, a few of those would help us all, but the treasure that all children love; candy! The mayhem begins with shouting and running. Older children helping the younger ones find the hidden treasures that have been placed ever so carefully around the house. Happy times to always remember. 'Till next time RL