Contributed by Jennifer Dawson

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Travelers spent $258 billion on food services during their 2017 vacations, according to the U.S Travel Association. But you needn't spend anywhere near as much on a self-catering cabin holiday. Tucked away in a cozy cabin on a quiet site, there’s nothing better than enjoying time with your family with some good quality food. Even 25% of campers are ditching their tents in favor of cabins, claims Forbes, Therefore, if you’re a camper wanting to eat well on your travels or a parent with a young family who need a warm place to sleep in, here’s how to ensure that you eat well on your self-catering cabin break.

Make a plan

Before your vacation, make a meal plan, then purchase and prepare all the ingredients and ensure you pack it all for a stress-free break. Some of the best meals can be made with the simplest of ingredients, so there’s no need to worry about having to spend hours in the cabin kitchen while the rest of your family enjoy their break. In just 10 minutes, you can make tasty and nutritious banana and quinoa breakfast waffles which the whole family will devour. Meanwhile, a hearty vegetable soup with some rustic bread will go down a treat at lunch. And, when it comes to the main meal of the day, a chicken fajita bowl or noodles and chicken will fill everyone up.

Storing your goods

Airtight containers are every travelers best friend. You can keep almost anything in them, including fruit and vegetables, so long as you place them in your cabin’s fridge as soon as you arrive. In warm weather, it’s often best to attach cooler packs to the outside of the container to keep food fresh. If the cabin is your own holiday home and is a long-term investment property, be sure to have ample food storage space and a good-quality fridge/freezer and oven for when you let it out. With the family travel market worth $150 billion and families more open to self-catering accommodations, it’s vital that you put your all into your cabin investment and provide the best amenities to your paying guests.

Why pack your own?

Buying food on vacation will typically cost you more money than it would do at home as the cost of eating out has risen by 2.7%. Therefore, packing food for your cabin break is the most cost effective option. It also ensures you eat healthier foods as you’ll be less inclined to grab high-fat, high-sugar and salty foods on the go. Prepared food packs are an ideal way to take the vital food groups with you in convenient packaging which won’t spill over the rest of your luggage. Fruit, vegetables, meat and grains are an essential part of any diet and can be easily transported, allowing you to fill up on these before you enjoy your favorite evening tipple.

Self-catering cabin holidays are the ideal break for any family. They provide the luxury of a solid roof over your head, while giving you a sense of freedom and excitement. But, best of all, they come complete with a generous kitchen, thus encouraging you to pack nutritious and appetizing foods to enjoy on your vacation.