Contributed by RL Oh my gosh! My wife suggested we take a short trip, some place remote, out of the way. But honestly I did not know that there are places here in America that has no cell, internet or Wi-Fi service. ( Have you ever tried to go for ten days without any of our modern conveniences?  No I am not talking about cutting back, I mean real cold turkey.   Just stop.  Perhaps that is just the best way, get it over with all at once. After fidgeting with the phone I resolved myself to the fact that there was no way to talk to the world or see what was going on out there in the big expanse.  Even my wife said she got worried and wondered what would happen if we broke down or what was going on with Facebook.   ( But you know after tossing all the electronics into the backseat, the rest of the trip was enjoyable. We noticed the red cliffs and took hiking trails. Some went to lava flows that looked like petrified waterfalls. We saw lizards scurrying about the dry river beds among the scant vegetation with a scattering of wild flowers which added color to our view. Hiking into a grotto we spied an old Anasazi dwelling and took some time to explore the old home of the ancient people. It’s ingenious how the Anasazi made their homes under ledges of rock to help protect them from the elements.  From what it looked like they had a main house and a few feet away it was what looked like a storage facility for their food.  Things like beans, grains and vegetables maybe even some of their meat they hung above to dry to help them make it through the winter.   ( Today we can just go online and order some food storage from Rainy Day Foods.  Then they ship it right to our door, simple as mom’s apple pie.  All ready to store on the shelf until we need it, but it is so good and easy to use we don’t wait long to put some of it to use right away. Their hot chocolate can sure warm a person up on a cool morning out in the wilds. After packing up and leaving these wonders we heard of a museum for the WASP from World War 2. Now there are some pioneers in aviation that you just don’t hear about every day. Just like any American these women stepped up to do a job that needed to be done and for years did not get any recognition. But they loved their jobs and the fact that they helped in a time of war to secure our nations’ freedom from those who were trying to take it away. An amazing place to visit showing all those women who had served and even those who lost their lives for the fight for freedom that we love so much in our lives. True patriots for us to hold up as Hero’s in a dark time in our history; these women paved the way for women in the current military in our beloved country.  ( They valued the importance of preparing and being ready for what lay ahead. After the war many of them continued to lead in example for all of us to follow. History is a great teacher, if we listen.  From the Anasazi to the WASP even to our own homes and lives we all need to be prepared.  We don’t know if it will be by flood, earthquake, and wind, hail, economic distress, hopefully not, the tides of war or medical problems.  That will bring hard times to our doors but as they hoped, we should also hope, to be able to stand with those of old in preparing in advance.  And by following their example of getting prepared so we can stand true to the freedoms for what this country has been built on of helping others.  Standing for truth and that each person is equal to us and to God. ‘Till next time RL