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  1. Fourth of July Cupcakes

    Fourth of July Cupcakes I can’t believe it’s almost the fourth of July! If you’re like me, that means you are looking for a fun, patriotic dessert to serve at your barbeque or picnic. This year I’ve decided to try some Fourth of July Cupcakes. I made some ahead of time to see if they were picnic worthy. I...
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  2. Spaghetti pasta salad! A cool menu!

    Summer spaghetti salad from food storage shelf!     Summer salads are always a hit.  Don't be afraid to try using your home storage supply to make a family favorite.   Spaghetti-regular or whole wheat- salad will be a repeat for you this summer. Here is the standard recipe.   I have included suggestions from your food storage. 1 pound spaghetti...
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  3. Snickerdoodle Cookies-summer favorite

    Snickerdoodles-a summer favorite. School is out and the kids are looking for treats. At my house, that means lots of cookies. One of their favorites is Snickerdoodles. If you’ve never had them you are missing out on a yummy cookie and they are a nice change from the usual chocolate chip. My kids even think it is fun to...
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