Orders can be varied in size, destination, and weight.   Small orders will ship by UPS or Fed Ex and are quoted at time the order is placed.  However larger orders, 500 lbs or more, are also quoted but may be cheaper to ship by truck or LTL.   At Walton Feed  orders are checked and shipping estimates are determined.  We will email the customer his options in shipping so they can make a better choice that works for them.   UPS and Fed Ex deliver packages to  your door step where trucks or LTLs will deliver items on a pallet to your driveway.   If you have access to a business or dock that has a fork lift it is also less costly.   Either way we ship your order, you will be emailed with tracking numbers, phone numbers and other information that will enable you to track your shipping.   Some items are not available for shipping by UPS and Fed Ex.   They are 15 or 55 gal water barrels, honey in a bucket, or molasses.  We have not been able to get a reasonable rate for shipping these safely.  If there are any questions, special needs or concerns, please feel free to contact us at info@rainydayfoods.com or call 1-800-847-0465.