Contributed by RL [caption id="attachment_2990" align="alignleft" width="300"] 2 person 72 hour kit[/caption] It’s starting to melt!   There is even some lawn showing in the yard and if I am not mistaken there is a hint of green on the borders by the house of that lawn. The sun comes out and the birds sing.  There’s mud.  You can hear the geese as they flock together.  So why is it snowing? Spring is such a hard time of transition from what was a winter wonderland to that warm green-blossom smells in the air that we are all itching to smell happen. It’s that time of year when we want to be outside doing.  It doesn’t matter what; we just want to get outside. Cabin fever some call it.  Our grandson just calls it outside.  He goes and gets his coat and boots as soon as we walk in the door of his home knowing that we will take him outside for a walk.  As he holds the boots up to us he gives that pleading eye look and says, “Outside.” ( Of course it is never for a simple walk.  You see he is only two and half years old which means he will want to climb on the snow banks that are finally starting to melt and hop into the ice and water puddles. Let’s not get started about the mud that he loves to jump up and down in which means he will fall, getting covered in mud.  The whole time he will just laugh and show you all kinds of interesting things that marvel and bring wonder to him.  It will make you laugh and delight in the joy of trying to see what he sees. I don’t know about you but at two and half I am not sure what all he is saying but I can get the idea from the words I do understand and the excitement in his face and attitude.  Ah; to be that young and full of life once again.  I guess that is the closest I will get to the fountain of youth. In contrast to the above happy event I saw on the internet a parking area for storing campers and mobile homes in the winter, being hit by a sharp hard wind, a kind of a micro burst tossing these things around like so many toys. My grandson does the same thing in his family room to his toys only they take the pounding a little better than those real camper trailers. I am sure if the owners of the site had known this was going to happen they may have taken some extra preparations. Thankfully they were only empty trailers and campers with no one actually in them because that would be a true disaster. ( I think what if that happened here where I live?  It did at one time when a micro-burst down draft hit up in a nearby canyon a few years ago.   You could not get into the canyon until the forest service was able to get the road opened again which took all that summer.   You should have seen the trees that were still down that littered the area!  If that had happened by my house it would have been flattened and our little valley would have been in the news big time.  Hopefully we are prepared and you are as well. ( Of course every journey takes that first step to get going and that is where Rainy Day Foods can help us.  They have those all-important 72-hour kits and food packs that can be there in those times of disaster or storm with all their food storage items. So we can be prepared to get through with as little difficulty as possible. I am not saying it wouldn’t be hard but we will at least have what we need to keep us and the family going during hard times.  In fact, the other day I was in their store and picked up some dry milk and some white-cream sauce.  We try and stay stocked so that when these times of winter storms come that keep us at home, we will have what we need to be comfortable, especially if we have visitors as we so often have.  We want to be prepared.  Maybe tonight we will make something up from scratch with our rice or pasta that we get from Rainy Day Foods. I love to see their specials and take the opportunity to stock up. If winter could only let go, we could get rid of this cabin fever. So as we watch the snow banks start to pull back and the robins return along with the geese to the valley we can think of a small trip to a warm non-snow area.  Maybe one of the grandchildren could take up the hobby of meteorology so while they are visiting we will know when the bad weather is coming.  ( Meanwhile I guess we will just have to content ourselves with trying to figure how to pull a tree stump out of the yard and dream of sunny days ahead.  Maybe I can get the two and half year old to come over and help with his little backhoe. I know for sure he will be full of great ideas on how to get the stump out of the ground and hauled away.  Maybe he can even make me laugh as I try to dig this tree stump out in the mud. ‘Till next time RL