Contributed by RL As you go out onto the porch or sit in the yard do you notice?  It’s the different sounds of spring that come drifting into your ears and eyes, if we are paying attention. You know it’s the soft sound of the dripping ice off the shed roof or the overhead searching call of geese as they look for their flock.  ( As you look into the fields you see a tint of green and some Sandhill cranes with their heads held high, majestically strutting across the field in the distance. You see cows contently grazing in another field with seemingly no care in the world as they enjoy the warmth of the glowing sun.   ( Suddenly you catch movement out of the corner of your eye, a robin has just landed on the lawn.  He is not interested in you but the robin’s eye sees a tasty morsel, a worm, which has not retreated to the safety of the earth. You hear other birds singing their happy spring songs as they too go about their day. Then you notice the soft cooing of the dove that just crowns the morning light.  ( You breathe in the warmth of the sun as it begins to rise and think that today I should begin work on the garden spot to get it ready for planting, for you and I know that this beauty will last but a short time and old-man winter will be heading back again. Oh, of course, there will be storms and it will cool down and there will be wind, rain, maybe some hail.  But the sun will be out again and the earth will smell fresh and right. And yet we still know that winter, that long period of trying to stay warm and happy, is just around the corner. They say that winter can be depressing to us but I think that if we are prepared by planting gardens and getting a harvest and storing that food it will go a long way towards having a feeling of security in our lives.  We can even get help with preparing our food for long- term storage by visiting Rainy Day Foods or their web site. Being active and eating right also goes a long way for our mental health.  Summer, winter, fall, or spring, no matter what time of the year, saving for a rainy day, both food and finances will bring a peace that seems to be lacking for many today. Then when these things are put aside safely we can go out into the yard and breathe in the beauty of this creation. Just yesterday my wife saw a dove stop and look through our window.  I guess it just wanted to see how we funny people live our lives in these big bird houses. You know I have made a few bird houses and even looked in a few over the years and I know they are not stuffed with furniture or electronics.  In fact, they don’t even have pictures hanging on the walls.  But all in all they do seem to serve a purpose for the bird. I remember once while we were traveling, looking out at the country side and what caught my eye made me take a second look.  I am talking about driving on the highway and there is nothing around but some rolling sage brush, ground with a little green grass, not a house in sight as far as the eye can see.  But on every fence post that supported the barb wire fence that stretched for miles along the road, was a small bird house.  I am not over stating that - for miles on every fence post was a bird house. I don’t know who put these little homes up for our little feather friends but I do know it had to be a work of love.  I can only imagine the time it took to build and place these bird houses on these post, perhaps years.  Hats off to you; who took the time to build and place these bird houses along the road that brought a smile to a traveler. ( It reminds me of a time when a dove stopped, resting on a shoulder, who was sent to confirm to all of a Son that would bring a new spring into all our lives.  And with the dawning of the third day in that special spring, years ago, a new hope and a promise for all mankind. ‘Till next time RL