Contributed by RL While two of our boys were on vacation with us one year; we were actually visiting one of the boys, they decided to go and play a round of golf. Seeing that I had never played golf before I told them so and thought that I would remove myself from the friendly competition which I knew was coming, when they said that they would be more than happy to teach me how to play, sealing my commitment to go with them. ( So off to the local golf course we went leaving my wife to prepare lunch, my son’s recipe for baked beans, for our triumphant return from vanquishing the course record. That is, of course, if the boys are able to teach me how to play this game of golf. After arriving at the local golf course we rented clubs and got a bucket of golf balls and a score card. From there we proceeded to the first green to tee off, with the boys showing me how it is done. After hitting my ball a few feet, I think it was about 50 feet; I turned to the boys and asked them how we score this on the score card. Oh they said we don’t know how to score, we just come out here and shoot the ball around and have fun. But why did we need to get the score card I asked dumbfounded looking confused at the two of them.   It’s because it has the course map on it and we want to make sure that we get to all the holes. But you must have some rules you play by while you’re here and they replied; sure we have rules. Well what are they, oh, well you are to hit the ball as far as you can and get it into the little hole as soon as you can and don’t break any windows or dent any cars in the parking lot and if we run out of golf balls we are done for the day. I just looked at them; come on it will be fun they said. So reluctantly I continued and found the time well spent with the boys talking and walking, making the trip to the golf course well worth the effort even though I still to this day do not know how to play golf and have not even ventured onto a golf course since. Although I have a lot of friends who play golf and tell me it is really fun and I should take up the sport; but I am still not sure, if I do, maybe someone can figure out how to teach me to score. ( Now we fast forward to now when I just had the day playing with the oldest boy’s youngest son. He also wanted to play a game with a couple of ping pong paddles and a ball. Of course there is no ping pong table or even a ping pong ball. But has that ever stopped us from playing a game that we can make our own rules for, of course not! So there we were playing on the floor hitting this little ball back and forth and for some reason when he missed the ball and he thought that I needed to go and get it back into the playing field. Well I don’t know about you but he is a lot younger and agile, so we needed to amend some of the rules to this game. Being just over the ripe old age of three and interested in all things it is hard to keep him focused. ( With any 3 year old that game soon lost its glamour especially after he had to go and get the ball when he missed hitting it back. Once his interest was lost on this game we changed to a few  running games around the house and some jumping games then he started to wear down and began to look like he was going to fall asleep. So being good grandparents we tried to get him to eat before he fell asleep. But he was not having any of it or of what we were offering him to eat. We did get a few chips down him including some milk and that was all. But it seemed to energize him back up and off he went again in all the fury of one that age seeking after more games and fun.( If only we could bottle that energy and drink it ourselves we would have an endless supply of that old get up and go. Maybe if we had prepared for our grandson the same lunch we had when we had that memorable golf game while on vacation he would have been more interested in eating. The meal is a simple one and it is easy to make but it does take a little prep time. It is baked beans. I know there are a million recipes out there for this dish but we really like this one. Most of the items on the list can be found at Rainy Day Foods. And the good thing about getting them there is that you can keep them on hand for one of those snow days that the children may get this winter or for that peace of mind that comes from having a little food on hand for emergencies. You cook up 4 cups of 16 bean mix till the beans are tender. While the beans are cooking you need to combine and heat in a pan the following;  ½ can hamburger,  ½ lb. bacon, ½ can pork, 1 cup brown sugar, ½ cup tomato powder, 1½-2 tablespoons of dehydrated chopped onion. Add enough water to make a thick mixture. Drain the beans and add to your meat and sauce. Let simmer so the flavors can combine with the beans and serve hot. Salt and pepper to taste but if you would like to juice it up a little add some of your favorite spices like garlic. Because this is a wonderful meal for a cold day or after a long day on the links, once the snow has melted, it will warm your heart knowing there is a hot meal waiting for you at home. ( That fresh air is a great tension reliever and a good walk in nature goes a long way to get rid of those frustrations that build up in our lives. Well at least that is what I am told golf is supposed to do for you. ‘Till next time RL