Contributed by RL

Deluxe 2 person 72 hour kit

As we listened to the news we have learned of a new fissure that has opened up in the Grand Teton National Park. Of course it being a part of the greater Yellowstone Park area some of the media caught it and did a brief run on the end of the world scenario.

It was discovered by mountain guides while on a training climb at Hidden Falls in the Teton National Park. A 100-foot horizontal crack in rock that had not been there before is something that a professional climber is bound to notice and is probably obligated to inform the Forest Service.

The result of finding and reporting this fissure was the closure of the Hidden Falls area. A prudent measure in making sure no one visiting would be in danger of having rocks fall on them.

Of course it did spark some rumors of the possible super eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano which is the next door neighbor to the Teton Park. Thankfully no volcanic activity beyond the norm for Yellowstone or the area was seen or reported.

Yet it makes me wonder; what if?

Am I ready for an emergency evacuation? A bug out if you will. ( Can I be prepared to leave in a few minutes, hours; or do I stay? Questions that, I, need to ask of myself and in truth each of us need to ask of ourselves and our families because they are at risk as well.

What would I take; what would I leave.

There are available 72 hour 2 person kits that have all the things that we need to get out quickly because they are already prepared ahead of time in a convenient backpack. Also a must, if you have health needs, you should have a minimum of a 3 day supply of medicines that you or your family need. In a real emergency you may not be able to get these needed medications as quickly as needed.

It is always good to review and know what is recommended for your family in case of a natural or man made disaster With that review you should plan to go through your emergency plan and 72 hour kit at least once a year to update items in the kit and add to or from your plan if your needs have changed.

If I or you decide to stay out the storm so to speak, will we be prepared? Will our homes hold up? Water? Medical Supplies? Power? These need to be thought of and decisions made. For some emergency events you just have to leave.

For other events like a massive power outage or loss of water or heating fuel, an inconvenience for sure, especially if it last for an extended period of time. Perhaps one will need a Emergency Lockdown Kit in our homes to fill the gap before services can be restored. Or a longer emergency food supply may be needed like a 2 Month Kit. Plus we need to look at our water storage solutions and needs. Even then the choice to leave may have to be made, our options need to be constantly reviewed in an emergency. Of course the best rule is to take heed to those who are in authority over the emergency. And if they say get out, get out! These leaders have a clearer picture of the overall emergency than we do so follow their counsel.

We may not be facing a volcanic eruption in our back yard but I am sure our friends and neighbors in Hawaii are not finding their volcanic action a pleasant event. No matter where we live there are dangers of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire and earthquakes. Food for thought. Till next time RL