contributed by RL


We got a phone call the other day from my brother-in-law informing us that he was going to come and visit. Not too unusual except he was going to backpack over the mountain for the visit. He is into hiking, camping and biking and Bear Lake ( is one of his favorite places to visit.

My brother-in-law hiked over from Cub River, Idaho to the Bear Lake Valley, ID. a forty mile hike and took 3 days to enjoy the beauty of our mountains. Seeing moose, deer and many birds nestled among the pines. He enjoyed taking his time and seeing the vistas and mountain valley's in all their beauty, dressed in a bouquet of flowers.

Each night he put up his tent and enjoyed a hearty meal of Freeze Dried Fruits and Granola. I hope he enjoyed some of the Freeze Dried Raspberries which are some of natures candy. (

These are the same mountains that my family and I enjoy traveling on our 4-Wheeler's. We are able to view the same sites like the Ice Caves and Bloomington Lake ( that my brother-in-law was able to see. It is always a good idea to have water purifiers and snacks, not to mention a few freeze dried meals, when ever venturing out into the mountains and don't forget a good first aid kit for those just in case moments. We also carry a rope in-case one of the 4-Wheeler's breaks down.

Our family enjoyed a great visit from the brother-in-law over the weekend and hope to enjoy many more such visits.

His daughter and her husband arrived on the last day of his visit to take him back home to Boise. And he was all smiles as he loaded his 25 lb. Bag of Alfalfa sprouting seed to enjoy this coming winter.

We love these family visits and all of the activities here in the Bear Lake Valley ( Remember to eat right even on the trail. RL