Contributed by RL [caption id="attachment_2964" align="alignleft" width="300"] sprouting mix[/caption] When I got home the other day I read on a little token of appreciation that was sitting on the kitchen table that my wife had received for teaching 4 and 5 year old children at church. They gave her a glass with the words, “I teach primary; what’s your Superpower”? The plastic glass with its screw on lid and straw was filled with the makings for a glass of hot chocolate. This token of appreciation was greatly appreciated and stands as a reminder of the hours that my wife spends preparing for the class.  But I believe that the statement on the glass raised an interesting question. Because I believe that each of us has hidden, somewhere inside of us, a secret superpower and I think that teachers have learned how to unleash those superpowers as they teach children and youth. How else could they teach children each day instilling the love for gaining knowledge and the desire to seek for the better in our youths lives every day if they did not have superpowers? I should know, I was a youth once, and I am sure I did not make it easy for any of my teachers at times. Still there were some that did inspire me to look beyond today and see what can be for tomorrow. ( Now we may not have ex-ray vision, the ability to become a human torch, turn ourselves green and become stronger than anyone on earth, stretch to engulf a city block, or shrink to stop evil. ( No we just have to be the best we can be at what we do and be mindful to help others along the way. Whether we be a baker, teacher, a candle stick maker, mechanic, computer whiz, farmer, pilot or miner we all have a talent that makes us unique. Music can inspire us and lift our spirits along with written words that can spark our imaginations and inspire change. Even our examples can set for someone else the desire to be a superhero.  Yes we all have a place in this world. And to start out a day filled with inspiration and to help others we need to start right, by eating right.  Did you know that by eating sprouted wheat, legumes and vegetable seeds will help us to do that very thing? That’s right sprouts can boost metabolism, help in weight loss, lower cholesterol, may even lower blood pressure, help in skin health, vision and they will even support our immune system. No wonder so many cultures value the use of sprouts in their cooking and everyday use. Sprouts also have a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that are good for our bodies although some studies show that heating them too much can reduce some of that value. No matter how you look at them, sprouts are here to stay and they are good for us and give us that superpower we all want, to meet the day. ( Using wheat sprouts in our diet will add nutritious, neutralize toxins, help improve our body’s metabolism, which we can use in our everyday lives and are easy to make or find.  Applying sprouts in our daily routines are easy as adding them to salads, sandwiches, or making a batch of homemade bread. We all have that favorite recipe for bread that Grandmother handed down to us or Aunt Myrtle or just one of our friends that is a superhero at making homemade bread. No matter what recipe you use you cannot go wrong by adding wheat sprouts. It’s easy, you just start. Get yourself a cup of wheat berries cover them in water, soak those berries for 6 to 12 hours then drain. They need to stay moist, so you need to “rinse” them twice a day after the first soak. Make sure you drain all the water off each time after that first soak. It will take about 3 to 5 days for the sprouts to kick in depending on how dry the wheat berry is that you are working with. You may want to refrigerate once they sprout to help keep them fresh. Then make that homemade loaf of bread you have been craving using some fresh ground wheat from your pantry or a good whole wheat flour.  Then take those wheat sprouts and chop them up in your food processor (blender) and add them to your mix. Then just follow your recipe and you will be adding a little more superpower to that loaf of bread you are baking. Bread is so easy to change up the flavor on you may want to add some different things to your recipe and see how it could change the taste, which makes it into a specialty bread like some freeze- dried blueberries or maybe a sprinkling of some herbs. Perhaps some buttermilk powder will add a little zest then again maybe a little cheese powder and spices which could bring a smile to someone’s face; then you too will be a superhero. Even if you cannot leap a tall building in a single bound or have x-ray vision, ( being a superhero for you and me may mean just being there for someone in a time of need. Whether it is to show someone how to tie a shoe, read, visit a lonely individual or just teach someone how to make a loaf of fresh homemade bread. ‘Till next time RL