Food Storage. We all think about it. We all know deep down that this is something good that we can do for ourselves and our family. Yet many households today, if they were to face a crisis of any kind whether it be natural or man-made, would not be prepared. So how does one go about doing it? The answer is simple. Each month try to buy one thing that you could put into your food storage.

Food storage should have a shelf life of 15-30 years. This means that items that are sealed in a can or a bucket with oxygen absorbers in them to remove the oxygen are the best way to store food for long-term storage. You can store them in a cool (optimal temperature is 60 degrees), dry place and forget about them. Items such as grains and beans are a great place to start.

If you were to store one item each month, by the end of 2014 you would have twelve items. So instead of trying to get your food storage all at once, try just getting one item a month and see where it can take you. See the peace of mind you will have by the beginning of 2015 all because you decided to buy just one thing each month.

Contributed by Richelle Stoker

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