Contributed by RL

It’s like any other day except it is the designated day to clean up because well that’s what we do in spring especially when the kids are coming to visit.  We have to make room for the children and send down the road a few of the items that are cluttering up the house that were essential to us at one point in time.

There are things like old TVs, board games that we just don’t know where all the parts have gone, socks that definitely are too small for anyone in the house that have no match, and no one in the family claims.  Then there’s that painted rock one of the children painted and put their name on that has been used for a door stop for years.  Not to mention the old worn coats that even a billy goat would not want to chew on or should I say looks like he already did.  Well no matter it is past its day of use.  Someday they will probably say that about me as well.  Oh my, here are some old school books; I hope they are not from the school library.  There is that set of old encyclopedia books that the only thing we ever used them for was to help little children sit at the table as a booster seat; definitely got to go.  (

But at this time we got to keep cleaning so we can fill the garbage can for the truck that will be coming by at mid-day to pick up the refuge.   I am sure we will have more than enough to fill to overflow our small little dumpster.  If I get it full today I will have an empty can to fill for the rest of the day for next week’s garbage pick-up.   There always seems to be more than enough to fill the refuge bin doesn’t there.

It looks like there are lots of things to be looked at that may fill the garbage truck.  In fact there are food storage items that need to be gone through. Once a year in the spring is a great time to make sure all of the food storage we have gotten over the years is still up to date and the containers in good shape.  (

Most of the items from Rainy Day Foods have a long shelf life that come in their cans and buckets, like the powdered eggs. The eggs have a 5 to 10 year shelf life when it is stored at 60 degrees or cooler and they are naturally gluten free.  Of course there are longer storage life items like apple slices which will store up to 25 years.  And the freeze dried fruits such as blueberries that have a storage life of 25 years as well.

Of course they have gluten- free products to choose from and meats; both freeze dried (20 year shelf life) and canned meat.  With all their vegetables and assorted drinks available to choose from, ones food pantry can stay full at all times.

They also have a full line of food packs and food units for anyone’s house hold needs so we can be prepared.  As I watch the news the need for being prepared is evident for each of us. (

But you know this garbage day just does not go away. So we need to get back to the business of getting rid of those items that are cluttering the rooms in our home. There are also those old running shoes in the corner of the closet, the soles are coming off, and that the boys ran in all their track meets and the district and state tournaments.  Well maybe there are a few things that need to stay and maybe that rock does need to help hold the door open. ‘Till next time RL


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