Contributed by RL


As we are watching the snow fall outside it brings a smile to our faces because it will be a white Christmas this year. ( I know that not everyone likes the snow but for one day in the year to have it, this is the one. It's a chance to throw a few snowballs at the children, plus unsuspecting adults, and make a snowman and be a kid again.

You know the interesting thing about snowman is that they are always unique and never two alike. ( So if you have snow, get out there and do a little creating! Its alright to be a kid again at this time of the year, everyone else is if you haven't noticed. But if there is no snow then improvise, like maybe make a tumble weed drifter or a box car train in the yard to show off to the world.

Once you have been outside and those cheeks are that rosy red color and your hands are a little stiff it is probably time to head into the house and have a bowl of hot Creamy Potato Soup to warm you from the inside out. It is a great tasting product that you can even adjust the thickness of the soup by adding or subtracting liquid for your desire taste. If you like you can liven it up by adding a little broccoli, clams, corn, bacon or maybe some cheese to give a new flavor to an already, stand alone, great tasting soup.

This is the time of year when we all get to go to the Christmas programs performed by the schools for parents, grandparents and relatives showing the talent of those short individuals that we call children. Teachers who put in a herculean effort to bring their students into a combined chorus that brings a smile to all watchers should be told thank you. I cannot say enough about teachers and their dedication to teaching and guiding youth, who are our future. Teachers often put in time and effort far beyond what is required because of their desire to help inspire a child to dream and improve his or her life. I attended one of these school programs recently and was amazed while looking at all the proud parents who were taking a gazillion pictures of these smiling, singing children who sounded like the choirs of heaven as they sang. You know I don't think anyone watching noticed the teachers as they ran around in the background making sure students were where they needed to be and encouraging the students in all of their parts off the stage. Good going teachers!The true stars of the program are the children of course and it is great to watch them learn as they enjoy entertaining a large group of scary adults.

As Christmas Eve approached, our children would look with excitement for that opportunity to open one of their presents under the tree. You know how children are just bustling with energy and running around the house every couple of minutes and asking if it's time to open the present yet. Then after almost having to hog tie them to the kitchen table chairs so they would eat dinner it would be time for the grand opening of that one special present. (

We always tried to make the one present we wanted them to open look the biggest and the brightest package under the tree. Of course we had to encourage them some times to pick that certain one we wanted them to get. After a few times they figured out we wanted them to open the one with the new pajamas in them (isn't it amazing how fast pajamas wear out, I think it's a conspiracy with those kids) Anyway once they figured that out they tolerated us and opened the pajama present.

On Christmas eve we often had the children performing the nativity scene there in the living room. While they performed, we parents, would read the event from the scriptures and watch in wonder as our children walked through their parts. (

Afterwards we would have treats for everyone. Our children always loved cupcakes and since my wife likes chocolate they often got combined. So during this busy time of year, step back, take a deep breath and enjoy; those children grow up all to quickly. From us and everyone here at Rainy Day Foods we extend to you and your family a very Merry Christmas! God bless one and all! 'Til next time