Contributed by RL It must be spring!  The Sun is out, the lawn has grown to look like a jungle and the neighbors who farm for a living are out in the fields. It’s warm, almost hot, so now the work begins. You know all that stuff that was out in the yard or blew in over the winter is now showing since the snow has melted away. Dutifully I get out the lawn mower, which has sat all winter, and drain the oil then replacing with some new and filling the gas tank I try to start the wonderful machine.  You know after a long winter nap you think the mower would want to get going. After an extensive time of checking and removing almost everything that can be looked at and checked. And after taking a couple of breaks to calm down, I try starting the thing again, a sputter, then it died. But it gave me a little hope so I tried again and finally it started up spewing a thick cloud of smoke and shaking so hard I know that every bolt in the machine will fly off any minute.  Well I have only lost and hour and a half trying to get the mower going but hey it's working now! ( After a minute the mower settles down to working right and off we go.  Of course mowing through a jungle is slow and tedious work in the hot sun. Or is it my imagination working overtime that makes it always seem hotter in the sun when I am trying to mow the lawn?  Anyway my hat is now soaked and I am as hot as I can be, it’s got to be time for a drink.  I am sure it is time to go and get some peach drink out of the cupboard from Rainy Day Foods. You know that the bad thing about mowing is you have to move all those items in the yard that are, well, just in the way.   Of course they are always heavy and awkward and I wonder why we have them but then I remember they are pretty nice to have when family comes.  And there are always those things that are permanent in the yard that you have to mow around or should I say bang into trying to get the lawn to not look ruff around the edges so to speak.  You know, kind of like a haircut.  ( So after a couple of hours of work I take my hat off and wipe my brow again and sigh; glad that I can now turn the mower off.  You know that thing is noisy! Not to mention how it vibrates all the way up my hands, I hope arthritis doesn’t set in, maybe I should think of a riding lawn mower or not because I know that the “walk” is good for me. Now that the lawn looks presentable I guess it is time to get out the burn barrel/camp fire cooker.  The family believes it is time to cook up some hot dogs on an open fire.  Well it does make them taste better that way, but I prefer a good Dutch oven. So I think I will whip up a Dutch oven of potatoes to go along with those dogs. Around here everyone has their special recipe for their Dutch oven and the most popular are chicken, pork and a potato Dutch oven, not necessarily in that order, and Dutch oven cooking is almost an everyday thing in the summer.   ( Just get that Dutch oven out and grab some potato slices from Rainy Day Foods and re-hydrate them.  Fill the Dutch oven just over 3/4 full with the re-hydrate slices after draining the water off. Mix in some Freeze Dried Ham or some pork from Rainy Day Foods (to your desired amount). Add some mixed peppers and onions.   Mix in 1 cup dry Rainy Day Foods Broccoli Cheese Soup mix or 1 cup dry Rainy Day Foods Cream of Chicken soup then add 2 table spoons dehydrated mushrooms.  Mix well and cook for about half an hour.  Open the top it should be cooked. Take off the heat and add a cup of sour cream mixing it in to your potatoes and then sprinkle some freeze- dried cheese (your choice) on top to desired thickness, about ½ inch.   Let stand for about 10 min. then serve hot. This Dutch oven will make you forget all about that lawn.  It will even be a bonus if you are not into the hot dogs like the younger generation.  So as you sit back and enjoy the sun setting in the west go ahead and get another helping of those potatoes and try not to think about having to mow the lawn again until next week.   Maybe it will rain or perhaps snow.   ‘Till next time RL