Contributed by RL As we slept the world kept on spinning and with that rotation something has changed. Magnetic north has moved so much that current electronic devises need to be readjusted to its new position. Hopefully that will happen as soon as the government workers in charge of doing so are back to their jobs so that our flight to Los Angeles does not end up in Mexico City from navigational errors. Amazingly over the years magnetic north has been moving at a regular rate of around 9 miles per hour but now it has sped up to almost 4 times that speed to 34 miles per hour. No one really knows what that means or what will be the outcome, maybe a switch in the earth’s poles, but one thing is for sure it will be an interesting ride. ( Almost every day new things appear on the headlines to catch our awe and wonder. The great things stay around and those that are a passing fancy leave and we wonder what ever happened to them like the age old miracle of a table spoon of castor oil that Grandmother used to give me when I got sick.  ( Anyway one of those almost impossible to resist items in our lives is the doughnut. Simply good, it comes in a variety of shapes and designs to grab our attention, with the aroma tantalizing our taste buds so much we want to grab one and enjoy. Amazingly these donuts have been around for centuries. But the doughnut we know and love today was designed in the mid-19th century, mostly by accident, by a ship’s captain who probably got tired of the uncooked center. At any rate he was the first to see the hole in the center of the doughnut and a new age was born in the world of cooking. ( Whether you love your donuts in the traditional way of frying in oil or you love them as a baked item fresh from the oven they have always been a winner with friends and family for that special treat especially during the cold winter months. Add a little hot chocolate and you have a combination for fun and good times that will be remembered for a long time. There are many easy recipes for the doughnut but you need to try them with a little whole wheat flour made from wheat berries you can get at Rainy Day Foods. You may need to experiment around a little to get the right mix but it will add a great nutty taste along with some good nutrients to those donuts. Of course baking donuts helps out by reducing the amount of oil needed in making donuts but the everyday fried doughnut is still king and will always bring a smile to both young and old alike. You can add 1 cup of fresh ground wheat berries (or a good whole wheat flour) and 2 ½ cups unbleached flour, along with 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 3/4 teaspoon real salt, 2/3 cup of dehydrated applesauce, 3 eggs then add enough liquid to make your dough and you are ready to cook on that hot oil you have ready on the stove. These donuts are great to make when the children are home for those school breaks or snow days. You may try upgrading these donuts by adding a little freeze dried blueberries or blackberries to them. You never know what kind of culinary delight you may come up with in your adventure in cooking. So no matter where your little explores may end up using their compasses, which are a little bit off at the moment, having a treat of freshly cooked donuts will always bring them home. And if the magnetic poles change places overnight perhaps some polar bears and penguins would like a treat of donuts as well. If you would like to arise early, predawn time or about an hour before the dawn on the 22 January 2019, you will be able to witness the conjunction of two plants, Venus and Jupiter, which will be mimicking or give the appearance of a double planet in the morning sky.  If you have a good pair of field glasses you may even spot some moons around that little spectacle in the sky. ( And when you get done watching the sky why not go back into the house and enjoy some of those homemade donuts. ‘Till next time RL