freeze dryers

  1. Hot and Cold: Freeze Drying and Dehydration Methods that are Changing the Freeze Dried Food Industry

    Contributed by Jennifer Dawson Photo by from Pexels It’s an exciting time for manufacturers and consumers of foods like freeze dried broccoli, freeze dried strawberries, or freeze dried apples, with new technologies adding value to different foods and enabling foods to retain the maximum amount of nutrients. The global freeze-dried foods market is expected to post a CAGR of...
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  2. Tomatoes and Squash; OH My!

    Contributed by RL Its hot and looks like it is going to get hotter. It's good for the garden as long as there is enough water to go around. With the heat the tomato plants ( are producing well along with the squash. If you have neighbors that are raising zucchini it is recommended to keep your car doors locked...
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